They was a question in one online forum asking ‘What is the craziest thing you do after breaking up with you significant another?’

There was a voice shouting out loud in my head “Take trip to somewhere I DON’T want to go”

I have never wanted to go to Bali, Indonesia. A couple months ago, after suffering with gloomy days for a while, I decided to plan a trip to somewhere in Asia I have never wanted to visit. Yes, Indonesia was the first in the list. But I didn’t made my final decision until I realized there would be only ONE chance, one vacation I could take during this second half the year. So, BAM! Bali trip happened with some help from someone I trust.

My plan was simple: Go there.

I had 3 nights and almost 4 days to spend on island I had no idea and passion about.

My trip mate has been there before so he came up with a really good plan and very useful resources. Roughly it was:

  • Getting a place to stay via Airbnb (Yes, I do want that instead of hotel)
  • Hiring a local driver, daily and flexible routes. I agreed with that because we had too short time to do feet roaming and riding motorbike was a bit too risky for me at this time of the year. Works still matter.
  • After a short quick research, the only thing making me feel a bit interested in Bali was Uluwatu Temple. Amazingly it was near by the place we stayed and my trip mate managed to take us to the temple, then Padangtegal Monkey Forest, Padang Padang Beach, Barong Dance performance, Kopi Luwak (Poo Coffee) plantation, and Tegallalang Rice Terraces.

I knew it was going to be a mind lifting and eye-opening trip.

I knew the trip was going to be awesome.

/to be continued

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